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Click here to read all the license information. can be used in many fields of application. Most people will not use all options.

That’s why we have paid much attention to make the purchase process as flexible as possible. When you decide to purchase, you’ll get the application itself, including all utilities and services, like the file system, the node management, the wiring system and the help system. Click here for an overview of what's included by default.

Then you can select the nodes you want for your application. The nodes are collected in comparable groups; Input, output, filtering, visualization, etc. This ensures that you get what you need for your budget.

When selecting the groups, consider the following:
Perhaps you want to use MIDI in CINEMA 4D. You will need:

  1. The MIDI input node (to get MIDI data into
  2. The CINEMA 4D Connection Manager node (to connect with C4D)
That’s the minimum setup. The in-between nodes to connect the MIDI data to the C4D node are included by default.

However, if you want to change/adapt the MIDI signals before sending to C4D you will need more nodes. Maybe you want the signal levels changed. Input channel values are in the default range of 0..1. If you want to change these to rotation values (-π .. +π) you will need the ‘Output Adapter’ node (in the Signal Adapter pack). If you want to add ‘smoothing’ you will need the Filtering nodes package.

Please check out the help system- application Menu->Help->Online Help -for detailed descriptions of all nodes available.

Select the nodes to include in your license:
(you can add more nodes at a later time)

Input nodes


Input - MIDI $50
Input - OSC $65
Input - HID $50
Tracking - iXplorer AR $150
Tracking - TrackIR (Win only) $50

Output nodes

Output - External Controller $75
Output - RC Servo $50
Output - Dynamixel $90
Output - Art-Net Manager $90
Output - OSC Sender $75

Application I/O nodes

MAXON Cinema 4D $100

Measuring/Visualization nodes

Incude this package of nodes. It contains the nodes below: $100
Digital Multimeter
16 channel VU style meter
Analog Multimeter
Analog Multimeter (mini)
Analog Rotation Gouge
Bubble Level 2D
Signal LED
DMX Light Fixture
Digital VU style level meter

Signal Adapter nodes

Incude this package of nodes. It contains the nodes below: $50
Auto Normalizer
Range Converter
Level Adapter (16 channels)
Simple Math
Output Adapter
Curve Shaper
AB Math
Inverter (0..1 / 1..0)

Electronics nodes

Incude this package of nodes. It contains the nodes below: $25
Schmitt Trigger
Hi-Lo Splitter
Input from External Multimeter

Signal Sources nodes

Incude this package of nodes. It contains the nodes below: $100
External Button
Multi button (16)
Multi button out (16)
Timer + Timer sync
Manual Source, solo
Manual Sources 10 channel
Vertical Fader (large)
Master Fader (large)
Wafeform Generator (LFO)
Envelope shaper
Pulse output
RGB Color mixer, XY fader
Step Sequencer
Channel Recorder
Master Recorder
10 Output Delay Line
XY Fader

Filtering nodes

Incude this package of nodes. It contains the nodes below: $35
LMA (Linear Moving Average) filter
EMA (Exponential Moving Average) filter
EMA 16 channels
Signal Continuator

Total order:

NEW: Extra Package Deal discount:

  • When buying ALL nodes, you will get a 20% discount! Instead of paying $1155, your price will be $924

Any license always includes:

  • The in-between nodes to connect one node to another
  • The node converting multi-connectors to single-outputs and vice versa.
  • one-to-more distribution nodes
  • Patch panel
  • Two Channel Mixer
  • Distributer Vertical (1 in 4 out)
  • 8 Input - multi out
  • 12 Input - multi out
  • 16 Input - multi out
  • 24 Input - multi out
  • Multi in - 8 Output node
  • Multi in - 12 Output node
  • Multi in - 16 Output node
  • Multi in - 24 Output node
  • 8 x 8 Patch Panel
  • 1 x Multi Input - 2 Multi output Distribution node

*Seat count information:

  • The number "seat count" means the number of computers on which you can run simultaniously.
  • Even if you have 1 seat, you can still install on multiple computers (including Windows/macOS mixed), however with one seat you can only use it on one system at a time (by signing in/out in the application).

Detailed license information


Nodes included in your license

During your first order, you can select any node (or node package) combination you like. You can also add nodes at a later time after your initial purchase.

License duration

During the first year after your initial order, you can download the latest versions (and order new nodes). After this period you can still use your indefinately, but you will have to renew your license to re-obtain the download rights.

Existing customers

Customers owning the now obsolete "Camera GripTools" (the C4D plugin) can profit from a 20% discount when upgrading to

Contact us to request a personal discount coupon before you order.


All Nodes Package deal

You will receive a 20% discount when purchasing all nodes. In case of additional multilicense, there is a maximum discount of 30%


Multilicense (more than one seat)

You will receive a discount when purchasing two or more seats:

  • 2 seats: 10% discount on the package order price
  • 3 seats: 20% discount on the package order price
  • 4 or more seats: 30% discount on the package order price
  • More than 4 seats: please contact us for special arrangements

You can select the seat count during your first order, but you can also order extra seats later.


Educational discount

We provide an educational license for individual students and educators. Qualification:

  • Attendees or educators of an accredited university, college or education institution.
  • You need to provide a valid copy of academic identification as proof of the previous.

The Educational discount only applies to the first seat (quantity number) in an order and is intended for 1 (one) private owned and operated computer. The discount is 50% off your package price.
To request the eduational discount contact us here.

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